Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How to Apply for an Immigrant Investor Visa

The EB5 Investor Visa, also known as the immigrant investor visa is one of the least complicated visa processes available. However, several steps must be taken in order for an application to be processed. Eligibility requirements, time contingencies and preliminary documents must all be wisely considered prior to submitting an application. Once it's approved, the applicant's entire family may be able to achieve permanent resident status, which means eventually living in the U.S. with all the rights and freedoms of full United States citizens.

Step 1: Explore Eligibility

Three basic requirements are necessary for eligibility. First, the applicant must invest $500,000 in a new or existing U.S. commercial venture in a rural or underemployed area. The initial investment is $1 million for all other new or existing ventures. This investment must prove to be from a legal source, such as an inheritance or the sale of property - a very important requirement for an Immigrant Investor Visa. Next, the applicant must receive approval of the proper form, usually Form I-526.

Step 2: Evaluate Timelines and Deadlines

The road to U.S. citizenship may take at least 7 years via the Eb5 Visa Program. It takes 6-9 months to process the initial petition for an immigrant investor visa. This is followed by a wait period of 1 year and 9 months before an applicant can apply to have conditions on the Green Card Visa removed. Once the conditions are removed and the applicant gains permanent resident status, she must wait another five years before applying for U.S. citizenship. Also, applicants are encouraged to keep in mind that the EB5 Visa Program is set to expire in 2012.

Step 3: Prepare Preliminary Documents

The immigrant investor visa requires several necessary documents that should be submitted along with the appropriate petition form. These include copies of an official passport, birth certificate, court records (if any), government issued photo ID and passport photo pages showing non-immigrant visas or entry. In addition, applicants should submit Forms I-325A, I-94, I-693 as well as Form I-797. These will show proper biographic information, arrival and departure records, medical examination and the applicant's vaccination record, respectively.

Step 4: Prepare the Application

If living outside the U.S., applicants must file Form I-526, immigrant petition by Alien Entrepreneur with the U.S. consulate office in their country for consular processing. If living inside the U.S., applicants must file Form I-485, and send the application to the Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Once the initial petition is filed and processed and the conditional green card visa is issued, a government agency must approve the investment and verify job creation. Then, the applicant may submit a second I-485 in order to have the conditions removed to achieve permanent residence.

How to Obtain an Investor Visa

If you are considering starting a business in the United States, you may want to make sure that you have all the information together first. Obtaining an investor visa is not something to take lightly. In order to be successful in any business whether you perform it in your own home country or you want to bring it over to the United States, you need to have a business plan and the entire business structure mapped out.

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, or USCIS, notes that there are two different varieties of investor visa options. The first option is the EB-5 visa. This type of visa is for an immigration investor who brings their business into the USA and provides jobs in the country. This type of investor visa is also good for those who wish to invest in an existing business already established in the United States. Both of the investor visas is considered temporary and can lead to permanent residence if everything goes the way you wanted it to and you can prove that you have been able to manage a business.

The EB-5 investor visa applicant must have at least 1,000,000 to invest in a business and must be able to employ ten jobs. There is no exception to this. If you do not have the right amount of capital then you will not be granted the visa to come into the United States and bring in the business needed to boost the economy and create more jobs. Not every business is a success so it is important to be certain of what you are offering the world before you present it. When in doubt, do more work.

Another type of investor visa is the E-2 visa. This type of investor visa is for those coming from treaty nations. The E-2 investor visa requires that the immigrant who wants to come to the United States needs to make an initial investment into the economy by investing in an existing business, purchasing a business already operating in the United States, or by starting a business in the USA in order to boost the economy and employ at least ten people.

The immigrant who obtains an investor visa is responsible for proving their commitment to their business plan and can show their work in a certain amount of time in order to stay in the USA otherwise they must return back to their country.

It may be necessary sometimes to get immigration lawyers to represent you in your quest to file for an investor visa. You may find that some of the paperwork can be stressing and complicated to figure out. When you work hard to create a business, you want the security of a lawyer anyway so it may help to go ahead and hire representation before you begin paperwork. An immigration attorney can actually help you file the correct amount of paperwork so you don't lose any time trying to figure it all out and determine what you need to submit and what you don't. When you work hard for your money you want a plan to help see you through.

The Benefits of an Immigrant Investor Visa

If you are an affluent individual and would like to grow your assets, then the immigrant investor visa is a great choice. It is the visa that many foreign investors apply for, and expanding these individual's assets is not the only benefit that they get from applying for the EB5 investor visa. Here are some advantages of applying for the immigrant investor program of the United States of America.

One of the greatest benefits of the immigrant investor visa is that, if approved, these individuals have a chance to live in the United States. These people can eventually become American citizens via the Eb-5 Green Card. After getting your immigrant investor visa approved, you can live in the United States. Then, after five years, you can apply for citizenship. Also, foreign investors are not the only ones who can live in the United States; they can also bring their family with them. And, in the same way, just like the investor, the family members can also enjoy the benefit of becoming American citizens after five years.

Investors can choose where they want to live when they move to the United States. They can choose to live right where they open their new business, or within close proximity to their selected regional center. The United States is a large country, and the options for people looking for a place of residence are endless.

For those who would like to enroll in higher education, the US has an excellent selection of colleges and universities. The country has many quality institutions that can provide investors with the best quality of education that they may need. Their children will also have the chance to study in the United States if they choose to do so. Therefore, one of the benefits of the Eb-5 Investor Visa is it allows investors to bring in their children to the US to study.

Probably the most important benefit that the immigrant investor visa brings to foreign investors is the chance to set up their own business in the US. This country has lots of opportunities for people who are willing to work to reach their goals. Needless to say that just like any new endeavor, it will take a lot of time and effort to plan and execute the plans necessary to reach financial goals for the business.

By now it should be clear that the Immigrant Investor Visa of the United States is highly beneficial to foreign investors. Moreover, the economy of the United States also benefits from the money that foreign investors bring into the country.

Immigration Policies

Immigration policies of countries reflect their attitude regarding immigration. There were no strict regulations regarding immigrations in the ancient period. With increase in the consciousness about political identity each country formulated a set of conditions, to regulate migration. Immigration policies are guiding principles for the procedure of immigration. The immigration policy is revised according to the motives of the government. The countries, which have low population growth, have liberal immigration policies. The growth of terrorism has forced countries to become more stringent in their immigration policies.

The policy is a set of terms and conditions, which are essentially satisfied by the immigrants. Legal immigration is possible only for immigrants, who fulfill the eligibility criteria mentioned in the immigration policy of the country. The policy also determines the right of the immigrant in the country. The policy provides a comprehensive outlook to manage the economic and social life of the immigrant. Some countries have strict policies regarding the permitted activities of an immigrant in their country. The immigration promoting countries have lenient policies regarding the civic life of immigrants, which help them to integrate easily with the culture of the country.

The government develops the policy according to the social and economic conditions prevailing in the country. The policies are legalized by immigration law. Population increase and anti immigrant sentiments influence the formulation of strict policies. Policies also consider issues regarding illegal immigration. The policies of many countries enforce strict regulations to limit illegal immigrants. The immigration policies of a few countries have provisions to provide amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Immigration process can be delayed if the policy requirements are not strictly adhered to. Awareness about the immigration policy is essential to avoid problems. The immigration office provides guidance about the policies of the country. Immigration attorneys and services also assist with necessary information. Internet is the best tool to gather information about the immigration policy a country.

Immigration laws

Immigration laws are rules which govern the immigration practices of a country. The entire practice of migration must be in accordance with the immigration laws of the country. Immigration laws are intended to conduct immigration efficiently. They were introduced to control immigration. With the September 11 attack, countries have become more vigilant about illicit entries. Most countries have taken steps to practice immigration laws more stringently.

Immigration laws are formulated according to the immigration policy of the country. Each country has different perspective on immigration. The legal experts in the country formulate the laws according to the prevailing social and economic conditions. The foreign policy of the country also reflects in the immigration laws. The immigration laws are enacted by the legislative body of the country. Separate government bodies are entrusted to practice immigration laws. Usually the department of immigration regulates the immigration law.

Immigration laws define the legal duties and rights of those migrating. The laws detail about the circumstances under which immigration must be approved. The law specifies the eligibility of the immigrant. The person, who satisfies the regulations of the immigration law, only will get approval to enter the country. The obligation of the immigrants to the country is well defined in the laws. The immigration law specifies the measures to control the illegal immigrant. The laws are periodically revised by amendments according to requirements of the prevailing situation.

The formalities in the law are usually complex, for a common man. To avoid hassles in the proceedings of immigration, it is advised to consult experts in immigration law, while planning for immigration. Some government counsels offer free consultation in immigration laws. Online clarifications on immigration law are available from some Internet sites. The authenticity of the information has to be cross checked since the law is revised regularly. Official websites for immigration will be the best choice to gather information about immigration law.