Thursday, 5 February 2015

Effective Free Legal Consultation in Atlanta for Any Kind of Criminal Case

Working with a lawyer can help increase a better outcome for criminal cases, including misdemeanors and felonies. The problem though, is that most defendant believe legal representation is out of their reach, money-wise.

Some firms however, offer free legal consultation in Atlanta, where the details of the case are discussed confidentially and legal advice is presented on how to proceed in the best way possible.

These free legal consultations can apply to any type of criminal case, including petty theft, domestic violence, hit and run accidents, murder, white collar crimes and more.

Defendants can also help themselves in some ways:

• Exercise your Miranda Rights or right to remain silent. It’s the law. In addition, waiting on legal counsel can prevent what you say and do from being used against you.

• Weigh the pros and cons of denying requests. As an example, different states have varied rules regarding breathalyzer tests. Refusal for instance, could lead to an automatic suspension of your driver’s license. Alternatively, a lawyer can arrange independent testing in some instances, so that there’s no incidence of tampering.

Cobb Criminal Attorney

• Contact an attorney because this too, is your right. Once arrested, you can request an lawyer.
It’s also important to remember that getting arrested and being charged with a crime does not automatically mean you will be found guilty, or become sentenced.

A Cobb criminal lawyer, as stated, can help research evidence and details of the case, which can in turn help to work in your favor. Alternatively, an attorney can help to secure a better outcome through plea bargains for lowered sentencing and charges.

Contact a Cobb Criminal Attorney

Don’t take a wait-and-see approach if you have been arrested for a crime. Contact an attorney immediately to learn the best way to maneuver your legal case.

Remember, once found guilty, this criminal record can cause ripple effects in your life, including the inability to secure gainful employment for providing for yourself and loved ones.
The stakes are high in criminal cases. A free legal consultation can help you see the bigger picture – to fight your criminal case – and win.