Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Misdemeanor Atlanta and Other Common Cases That Attorneys Handle

The law is important to ensure that people live in peace with each other. When this does not happen, attorneys ensure that you get compensation for your injuries. A common issue that attorneys handle in Atlanta is domestic violence. When someone abuses you physically or threatens your wellbeing at home, this is domestic violence. You could be dating, married to the person or just living together. 

Domestic abusers take advantage of the innocence and fear of their partners. This is indeed a crime. The attorney ensures sentencing of the defendant so that the victim is safe from the abuse. Domestic violence lawyer Atlanta will prove the following in a case:

1. The abuser intentionally inflicted physical pain on the victim. The victim might have  doctor’s report to confirm the abuse.

2. This pain led to injuries or an illness.

3. There are cases where sexual assault is evident.

4. If the victim was beaten or assaulted and is fearful of any of the above.

Atlanta Attorneys

Misdemeanors are common in Atlanta. These present minor offenses that are not indictable. The offense carries up to a year in jail. Depending on the act, there are times when the person pays a fine, goes for community service or on probation. Misdemeanor Atlanta law gives the defendant the right to legal representation when they are charged. The attorney assists his client to avoid a stiff penalty such as sentencing in preference to community service. More often than not, misdemeanors fall in classes in order to determine the punishment. 

If you face conviction for assault, the court can sentence you to a fine of a thousand dollars and jail time of seven months.

The most serious criminal offenses that attorneys handle are felonies. This is because the victim suffered physical harm or has received threats of physical harm. There are times when the case involves money. Fraud and money laundering exist here. Those convicted several times for misdemeanors can face felony charges if convicted again. Felony Atlanta attorneys defend their clients from a felony conviction because they can lead to years behind bars. Serious offenses such as murder and drug trafficking, lead to life imprisonment without parole. 

No matter the crime that you are facing, it is important to maintain your right to remain silent until you speak with an attorney. The state can provide an attorney pro bono if you do not have one.