Thursday, 29 March 2012

L-1 Visa and its Process

L1 Visa is a good opportunity for those who are entrepreneurs or businessmen and expand into the US market or send employees to a US division on a periodic basis or for an extended duration of time. This visa category is applied to all types of business irrespective of their size and types. k visa for canadian As far as the L-1 Visa is concerned, it has three initial requirements that include the Employee must have been employed outside the U.S for at least one years in past three, he/she must have worked as a executive or senior manager or specialized knowledge worker, and the last point the employee is being transferred to U.S office (that is new) or parent, branch, subsidiary or affiliate of the employer. When it comes to qualify for L1 visa, then it is vital to thoroughly evaluate your situation to determine if the L-1 visa is the appropriate choice or not. l1 visa According to the rules, aforementioned process or requirements are rigorously defined and applied by US citizenship and immigration services; therefore an applicant must be meticulously prepared and at the same time presented. However, consulting with immigration lawyers is vital at that time to avoid any hassle. There are a number of benefits of getting L1 visa. However, Canadian citizens are allowed to present L-1 application directly to a U.S. Border or other entry points like airport, sea port, etc. same sex sponsorship In addition to this, the applicants are decided by in-charge. According to laws, the L-1 visa is eligible for up to seven years; while for specialized knowledge workers, it is for five years. If you have L-1 visa holder, you can also apply for a Green Card that is truly a big advantage in it.

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